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Via Munerati 2, 35143, Padova, Italy

Debt collection in Italy, legal and judicial assistance, Extra judical credit management, Informative services, Financial and Solvency reports on Italian firms



Thanks for visiting GCPD. The aim of this site is to provide direct contacts to foreign companies willing to solve, without intermediaries, bad commercial credit and insolvency issues in Italy without any intermediary.   

Our Services

GCPD specialises in recovering bad debts  in Italy with no outlay on our clients' part: our fees are charged to the debtor. 

Our debt collectors and solicitors collect your credits utilising both pre-legal and legal actions.

We represent creditors in case of bankrupcy at creditors' meetings in dispute of debtors' filings.

We provide credit reports that range from solvency and financial staments to on site investigation of both debtors and potential customers.

The Company

We are an Italy-based debt recovery agency located in Italy with more than 160 debt collectors working all over the country.

We have provided our services since 1998 in Padova, where we have our head office, and Vicenza, Trieste, Milano, Torino, Bologna, Viterbo, Lecce, Napoli,  Catania.  

We are authorized by Italian laws to supply in Italy debt recovery services
Licence issued by police administration of Padova- (ext: art.115 of T.U.L.P.S. of 1931- Consolidated Act of Public Safety Laws)  



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